Hey everyone, Stephen here! Before you panic, don't worry I'm not going anywhere! I just wanted to make a quick personal post here, and extend my deep gratitude and thanks to everyone who has been supportive of the TAIKORA brand- ...
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OCTOBER 17th, 2020: International shipping is slowly returning to normal. E-express standard service of 1-2 weeks has returned to most countries including the USA, Australia and UK.  Orders to other countries are unfortunately still surface mail and may take 1-2...
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Howdy all! Hope you are staying safe and well.  Due to current circumstances with Covid-19 and the uncertainty of post and shipping, I have decided to suspend orders from the TAIKORA store for at least the next month until April...
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Hey there, I'm going to keep this short and sweet because we've all seen and read this a million times. TAIKORA is still operating, however to keep exposure limited orders are going out weekly-fortnightly in batches. We also have to...
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