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Hey! That's me in the photos. My name is Stephen Hogan and TAIKORA is my brand. I'm also a model, actor, personal trainer, graphic designer and a bunch of other things.

Everything I make is custom-designed, limited-production and high-quality. I want to create things that I love, and I hope you love them too.

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From concept and design, to sourcing fabric and manufacturing, to the website and store development, all the way to order packing and fulfilment - I'm (almost) doing it all!

I'm Australian, but the brand and I are based in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 🇦🇺



TAIKORA began as the name of my graphic design company. I was influenced heavily by my years living in Tokyo, and wanted a name that represented that inspiration 🇯🇵. I stopped working as a graphic designer some time ago, but kept hold of the name. It's a completely made up word that perfectly captures my sense of design and creativy, plus it sounds cool ;)

I have long enjoyed creating my own teeshirt and tanktop designs, and had a lot of buying interest from friends and followers on social media. The very first TAIKORA line was the LUNA tanktops (above). Shortly after I released the PHOBOS PU leather hats.


The reception to the LUNA tanktops and PHOBOS hats was overwhelmingly positive, and I had requests for all sorts of new items, but what I really wanted to do was underwear and swimwear.

TITAN PRIME Briefs were the first underwear product, and people have been loving them!

Titan Briefs Customer Reviews


My goal was to create a unique, striking swimwer design with premium high quality fabric and manufacturing. BOOST SWIM has been the most popular product to date!

I promise I am working on new designs and styles, due to come in 2020! So stay tuned.

Boost Swimwear



I am so lucky to have such a passionate and involved fans that have helped me fulfill my vision and creativity!

None of this is possible without you, and I am eternally grateful for all your support.

Check out the fans gallery for the photos submitted by supporters like you.



There is a sea of people who made TAIKORA possible! I can't list everyone here, but a quick shout out to:

Photographers The ADDD Project, Thomas Sandfield
Promo photo models Helena Chan, Mass Luciano
Promotional Partners: FLMHK
Logistics: Kerry & Jen at BPM, Support: Evan S
Hats & Underwear Manufacturing: Synthia @ Synthetik Co
Swimwear Manufacturing: Arthus & Nico at Petit-Q, go check out their range!

My family, friends, the academy,


That's all from me.. for now

You're still here! Well, aside from browsing the TAIKORA catalogue, here's some more of my social media profiles, projects and websites!

I love receiving constructive feedback, you are welcome to email me any time at s@taikora.com . Don't forget to tag me and the brand with @taikora and #taikora on socials!

- Stephen


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