TAIKORA Premium Menswear

by Stephen Hogan

TAIKORA is a concept brand by me - designer, model, actor, Stephen Hogan (My website). Everything I make is custom designed, limited production and high quality. I want to create things that I love, and I hope you love them too.

This is a one-man brand and I couldn’t do it without you. Your support is greatly appreciated and I aim to give every order a personal touch to show my thanks.

I always love to hear feedback at s@taikora.com - I'd love to hear from you about suggestions and requests, what I'm doing great, and what could be improved.

You are welcome to follow me on all these various social media platforms, check out my page StephenHogan.net, and my incredibly high-brow podcast "AN SHOW with Cleo and Stephen"

Special thanks to - Photographers: @theadddproject , @thomassandfield. Models: @thehelenachan ,  @massluciano. And @synthetik.co


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