Changes to e-express shipping destinations

Changes to e-express shipping destinations

Hi everyone! Unfortunately due to pandemic circumstances, 14 destinations are no longer part of the e-Express service. Those countries will continue to have free shipping, but at the standard 10-30 day delivery.

"In view of the substantial reduction in flight frequencies or even cancellation of direct flights to a few destinations, Hongkong Post considers it necessary to temporarily suspend e-Express service to 14 destinations, including Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Slovenia and South Africa." - HK Post e-Express Service Update 

There is also an increase in shipping costs, which for now I will not be charging for, but if they increase substantially I may have to factor that in to product costs.

"Due to the substantial increase in air conveyance costs arising from sustained pandemic on a global scale since early 2020, we have no other options but to increase our postage"

I will let everyone know before there is any price or shipping costs increase.

Thanks again for being patient and understanding!